Cat Owners

Cat owners

Owning a cat is one of the greatest joys in life. However, the adage that “old age doesn’t come alone” is as true for cats as for people and hyperthyroidism can affect as many as 30% of older cats (depending on exact age and geographic location).  Everyone at the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre knows the benefit of feline friends personally and can relate to the concerns you may have if your own cat is diagnosed as hyperthyroid. No-one wants to think of their cat having to leave home which is why we have worked hard to allow cats home from as early as 4 days after radio-iodine treatment (the shortest minimum hospitalisation period in the UK).

We do hope the various pages, downloads and other resources will answer all your questions and leave you feeling informed.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any unanswered questions you may have.

Poppy stealing from fridge before radio-iodine treatment

Hyperthyroid cats often have excessive appetites. This is Poppy, aged 13, before radio-iodine treatment cured her thyroid tumour(s).

All the pictures are of real patients who we have had the pleasure of curing of feline hyperthyroidism.  We are very grateful to their owners for sharing the pictures, often with testimonials and cat stories about their and their cat’s experience of both hyperthyroidism and radio-iodine treatment.  If you would like to explore another’s experience further please contact us and ask to speak with someone in the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre Community, an informal group of cat owners who have volunteered to discuss how the process worked for them and their cat with prospective clients.

Hyperthyroid Poppy showing hairloss - now cured with radio-iodine

Feline hyperthyroidism, over time, causes the coat to become dishevelled, thin and dull – compare Poppy in this picture with the next one.

hyperthyroid Poppy - now cured of hyperthyroidism

Now 16 years old and 2.5 years post radio-iodine treatment, Poppy is no longer ravenous and has grown back her lovely Bengal coat. She  looks like a young cat again!