Cat Owners

Our Fees

Our fees

Please allow £3000 (including VAT) for your cat to stay at the Centre for up to 14 days. This includes:

  • Assessing your cat’s suitability and liaising with your usual vet
  • Detailed telephone consultation with you to discuss all aspects prior to your admission appointment
  • Your cat’s admission appointment – please allow an hour for this
  • Your cat’s sedation and radio-iodine treatment
  • Hospitalisation within our specialist purpose-designed accommodation for up to 14 days
  • Blood testing prior to your cat’s discharge appointment
  • Flushable cat litter to be used at home
  • On-going advice as further blood test results become available for 6 months after treatment
  • For cats staying longer than 14 days there will be an additional daily fee of £30 (including VAT) daily
  • Although most cats are cured after just one treatment, less than 1% of patients require a second treatment.  If your cat is still hyperthyroid approximately 6 months after the first treatment, we will assess your cat’s suitability for a second treatment, for which there is no charge.

We encourage all blood samples to be tested at an external reference laboratory (IDEXX Laboratories in Wetherby) because this makes it much easier to spot changes between different sample dates – and this makes the tests most helpful for your cat.  IDEXX also offer a more sensitive test of kidney function than is usually used and this may be of real help in detecting change earlier.  If your local practice does not have an account with IDEXX then they are welcome to submit samples using our account in which case we pass the fees on to you at cost.  Please remember that you should still expect your local practice to charge for blood sampling, clinical examination and so on.

Another reason for using a single laboratory is that it supports our research aims which can help inform our understanding of this very common disease.

Any additional investigations or treatments required during your cat’s stay at the Centre may incur additional charges.

Pixel – cured at HCC

Fees are payable in two parts

  • A payment of £300 (including VAT) as a non-refundable deposit, to confirm your cat’s treatment appointment. This reflects that radio-iodine has a very short  half-life and is manufactured to order for your cat’s appointment.
  • The balance is payable at your cat’s discharge appointment. If you have pet health insurance we recommend that you contact your insurers as soon as you can, and before you commit to radio-iodine treatment. We are happy to help with the claim on your behalf.