Cat Owners



On the following pages we have put together some additional information which we hope you will find useful.  Our Clinical Director Andrew Bodey, as one of the leading experts on hyperthyroidism in the UK, is often called upon to give presentations and seminars to cat owners, in addition to providing training to vets. In time we will record these videos and upload them onto the site – so watch this space and the news section for upcoming webinars.

You might be interested to access other websites of interest – do contact us if your site would add to this developing online library.  Do keep coming back to this section to check for new information – or sign-up to our email newsletter (on the bottom right of this page!) to be kept in touch as new resources become available.

cat cured after radio-iodine - Pixie

Pixie enjoying the sun. Hyperthyroid cats have a fast metabolism and may overheat, avoiding sunny or warm spots.