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Downloads offer a quick way to get detailed information about radio-iodine and the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre

If you’d like to receive paper copies of these items, please just contact us (or ask your vet to request a full information pack).

Our client information booklet

About feline hyperthyroidism; current treatment options; what to do before and after radio-iodine treatment; about body-condition scoring and nutrition; a summary of current thinking on risk factors associated with feline hyperthyroidism. Plus, information about our pricing and what’s included.

Client Information Booklet .

Preventing feline hyperthyroidism

Helping to protect cats in future by making the right decisions about diet, drinking water, cat litter, packaging and the environment. Order below.

Preventing Feline Hyperthyroidism .

More information to help you

  • Order paper copies of our information about feline hyperthyroidism
  • Visit other websites which offer helpful information.
Rex a Russian Sphynx cat, cured of feline hyperthyroidism

Rex a Russian Sphynx cat, cured of feline hyperthyroidism