Cat Stories

Cat Stories

These stories warm our hearts: we love the feedback we get from delighted cat-owners all over the country, telling us how their cats have been transformed

Well, it’s nearly 6 weeks and ‘Biscuit’ looks gorgeous

Well, it’s nearly 6 weeks and ‘Biscuit’ looks gorgeous – she’s put weight on and is back to our fluffy little keg!  She seems so content now, so lovely to see her chilling in the garden now instead of balancing fences and swinging up the trees! Not to mention jumping on my 16-year-old cat who […]

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The team at the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre are so professional and considerate

I had noticed Pepper losing some condition but it was easy to overlook this as general decline, despite me being a veterinary nurse used to looking after hyperthyroid cats. I first met Pepper as a stray cat in 2018 so I’ve never known how old she is. She is naturally vocal, greedy and playful so […]

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Solvi’s problem solved!

Towards the end of January 2018 our 7 year old cat, Solvi was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. We were familiar with the disease as the condition had affected 2 of our previous feline wards, for whom the only treatment offered in the UK was an oral based remedy for the remainder of their lives. Given the […]

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Affectionate Charlie

When Charlie our 15 year old cat began to lose weight, developed an insatiable appetite and began to drink lots of water we knew something was wrong. After a number of routine tests at our local vet the conclusion was hyperthyroid. Without hesitation we contacted Andrew Bodey and the team at The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre. […]

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Hyperthyroid Clawed is Cured

Clawed is Cured

From a couple of phone calls to the hyperthyroid cat centre, and getting the purrs and miaows instead of hold music, I was confident he was going to a centre of excellence and mad cat people. 

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Bodger -hyped of hyperthyroidism with radio-iodine

Bodger – Back Home In 5 Days

Before discovering the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre, we didn’t think Bodger would survive until Christmas. This treatment has without doubt saved his life, and we look forward to many years ahead.

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Percy Hyperthyroid Cat

Percy – Fighting Fit Once More

If your cat is in good health, with the exception of his or her hyperthyroidism, this treatment is definitely the best alternative.

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Monkey enjoying the garden post radio-iodine treatment

Monkey – Cheeky As Ever!

Monkey’s owners sent this lovely video of him, so we could see how well he has recovered.    

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Hyperthyroid cat Lynx - now cured at The Hyperthyroid Cat Center, Wetherby

Lynx – Back To His Old Self

The best thing is that his radiation levels are now safe and we can let him sit on our lap or beside us. We have our old cat back.
Thank you Hyperthyroid Cat Centre!

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Mojo cured of hyperthyroidism in Wetherby

Mojo Got His Mojo Back

Radioiodine worked where medication & surgery didn’t.

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