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Why Choose Us?

Why choose us?

1. Radio-iodine is not widely available in the UK as it requires exacting requirements in radiation safety to be met. As far as we know we are the largest provider of radio-iodine in Europe and have managed more than 3500 patients.

2. A veterinary practice must have specialist facilities as the treated cats become radioactive for a time and cannot be safely managed in a routine practice setting. Our Centre has been purpose-designed, based on our extensive experience, to make the best environment we can for your cat.

Bonnie resting in the shade

Bonnie, cured from hyperthyroidism after radio-iodine, resting in the shade at home again

3. In the UK approximately 99.99% of practices cannot offer the gold-standard, radio-iodine treatment.  We take pride in what we do and take great care of all the cats entrusted to us.  You might like to know that:

  • We believe we have the largest radio-iodine Centre in Europe and this helps to minimise waiting times once your cat has been referred to us.  Once a diagnosis is made it often makes best sense to cure the underlying tumour without delay.  Cats are often treated within two months of a suitable referral being received.  A postponed admission date is also an option, for example to coincide with a planned holiday (so that the hospitalisation period doubles-up as cattery accommodation whilst you are away).
  • Our expectation is that approximately 99% of cats are cured after receiving radio-iodine treatment at our Centre.  Most of these are cured within a week following a single treatment; Under 1% may require a second treatment, perhaps 6 months after the first, to respond fully.  In this scenario we will assess your cat’s suitability for a second treatment. We do not charge for a second treatment.
  • Our Clinical Director, Andrew Bodey, has been working with radio-iodine since 2008 and has managed in excess of 3500 patients.
  • We realise that cats are especially important to their owners and we are pleased to keep the challenge of separation to the minimum by allowing cats home from as little as 4 days after treatment.
  • For cats staying with us for more prolonged periods we make use of purpose-designed cattery-style accommodation.  This includes split-level pens with stair or ramp access, and space for scratching posts, cardboard boxes, comfy beds, toys and so on…and natural daylight.
  • Nearly every cat owner knows how challenging it can be to keep a cat happy with an unchanging menu.  That’s why we stock a wide selection of well-known brands although we do encourage very discerning cats to come with at least some of their current in vogue diet, just to help them settle in.  At the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre cats are valued and we enjoy getting to know the different personalities and are keen for them to enjoy their time with us.
  • Many of our clients are drawn to radio-iodine treatment at the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre not only because of the patient benefits (such as a doubled life expectancy) or finger-benefits (there is usually no need to medicate a cat after radio-iodine treatment, hence saving your fingers!) but because they calculate that a single one-off fee is cost-effective compared with life-long medication or repeated surgery.  We use a fixed-fee approach so that it is clearer what the treatment is expected to cost, before you start.
Swede free from hyperthyroidism

Swede free from hyperthyroidism