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Becks – Back Home Once Again

Becks Hyperthyroid cat

I just thought I would write a piece if you wish to use it, or parts of it, as a testimony feel free as you looked after becks so well.

I found out my 11 year old male cat, Becks, had hyperthyroidism on a routine visit to the vets. He had all the symptoms but I just thought he was a bit different because he was getting older.

Following my vet’s advice and reading up on the internet it became obvious the safest and best course of treatment was iodine treatment, although I was still very nervous about the fact the cat had to go away for a week or so and then be isolated in my home afterwards for several weeks.

He is a house cat and has never been without his sibling and myself so I was worried he would be lonely.

Anyway, my vets referred me to the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre and after speaking to Andrew on the ‘phone I booked him in. Andrew answered all my questions and was very helpful and I was extremely pleased when he told me he could see him that week, as once I knew that Becks was ill I just wanted to get him sorted asap.

So I took him in and left him in the capable hands of Joanna, who was very chatty and seemed very interested in the cat which made me feel better about leaving him. During the week he was away, I had a ‘phone call every day with an update on how he was doing, which obviously made me relax about him a lot more.

He was doing well so after seven days I was able to pick him up and take him home. He seemed in good spirits during the drive home. However, as I expected, when he was isolated in his own room away from myself and my other two cats he cried constantly. After 5 hours of non stop crying, I rang the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre and asked if I could take him back and leave him there until his radiation level was low enough that he didn’t need to be isolated anymore.

I think he was crying because he knew myself and the other cats were on the other side of the door so I thought it would be better if he was back at the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre where they and myself were not in earshot.

Andrew was only too happy to do this for me, and it cost £18 a day, but I think it was worth this as it was obvious Becks couldn’t cope being isolated at home.

Again, I got a message every day on how he was doing. When he was finally ready to come home and I picked him up he was very lively and happy so I can only assume he was very well looked after.

I would definitely recommend the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre to anyone.

I would definitely recommend the Hyperthyroid Cat Centre to anyone.