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Polly hyperthyroid cat

Polly was losing weight over a year and was diagnosed hyperthyroid on 1st Nov 2013, her Thyroid level was off the chart over 309, her liver values were also significantly raised. Polly weighed 2.6kg and had quite a poor appetite, she grazed with her food rather than ravage it like many with Hyperthyroid do, her coat was very dull and itchy, she pulled chunks of fur out daily, nervous and skitty, fast heart rate. I went home from my vets with Felimizole and started straight away hiding it in soft cheese. Once it was into her she seemed “spaced” her pupils were not right and she looked dull. The Iodine food was not an option as I have 5 cats. That night I looked up cats with Hyperthyroidism to see what can be done and what it’s all about. There I saw radioiodine I-131, lots were talking about its success in America and at first I didn’t think it was available in this country. When I saw there were 7 clinics in the UK I got very excited at the thought Polly could be cured of this dreadful thing!

I emailed and messaged some clinics to ask some questions and one would not answer my questions direct and would only go through my vet. I ruled this one straight out, it was a big thing I was looking at doing for my treasured cat. Then I came across The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre and messaged them. Andrew Bodey replied very quickly to my questions and after conversations I felt very confident this was the place for Polly if she was ok to have the Radioiodine.  Over the Christmas she stopped eating the hidden tablets and I had to crush them into some runny egg yolk. Her blood tests were done again and seeing her numbers had reduced a little for her thyroid 192 but her liver values had gone up to 960. The medication didn’t agree with her and I didn’t think she would live another year the state she was in, so if there was a chance she could be cured I had to do it.

Polly was booked in to Andrews centre on 27th January (2 weeks ago), the care and communication has been second to none. She was quite settled in the car for the 2hr drive down with her blankets & toys (normally we would get a song). When we got to the Hyperthyroid cat centre we were met at the door with warm smiles, they were all looking forward to meeting Polly (I don’t think Polly was as impressed) hee hee. There was a very relaxed, calm and warm atmosphere but professional at the same time. Thankfully Polly was able to have her I-131 the same day, she weighed 2.3kg. I was asked about her routine, likes, dislikes, where does she like stroked etc. We drove home a little anxious but with positive thoughts and later that afternoon I received a call to say Polly has had her Radioiodine and as soon as she woke up from her sedation she tucked into her food! Every day one of the lovely cheery staff rang with an update on how she’s doing and there was no problems (apart from her hiding) that’s not unusual though, so they made her a little den which she put to good use. It was reassuring when the girls rang as they would tell the truth and say she was eating, drinking & going to the toilet fine but she wanted nothing to do with humans lol, that was Polly to the tee!

Polly stayed 10 days at the centre and it was so good to pick her up. Andrew gave clear concise instructions regarding the radio activity and demonstrated how space made a big difference with the radio levels and the flushable cat litter (amazing stuff)!! Polly sang a song all the way home with a slightly different frequency meow (deeper) which I have read Is very common. Other than that I have seen an improvement every day she has been home. Polly is eating like a normal cat again, she is relaxed, calm, sleeping, purring, pooing normally again! She is gaining weight daily, looking healthier and her coat is soft and getting fluffy again  She is no longer Hyperthyroid, her liver enzymes have significantly reduced and I am amazed to see such great results so soon, I was expecting months.

Over all, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all again if any of my others turned hyperthyroid. Andrew and his team were fab! My little girl is happy and getting healthier by the day. Here’s to health, happiness and longevity to all. A big thank you to Andrew and all his team at the Hyperthyroid cat centre!